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Would you like to know who is behind Wever & Ducré? Let's lift the curtain for a moment, for a team of creative people from all over the world. What connects us? The love of extraordinary lights that simply make life more beautiful. And make our customers shine every day. That's why we are always looking for people who share our enthusiasm. And would like to support us in the development of innovative designs. In the technical department, in sales, in warehousing, in administration or in one of the many other departments that make Wever & Ducré a modern and ever-growing company. Explore our employee stories.

Technical department

„Working at Wever & Ducré is an adventure, with each day bringing new challenges and opportunities that keep me engaged and motivated.“
Quality Manager

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After nine years at Wever & Ducré, I have felt like an integral part of the team since day one. The work environment, focused on growth and personal development, has enriched my knowledge and expertise over the years. Last year, I was honored to advance to the position of team leader in the quality department, where I am now responsible for organizing daily operations. Additionally, I play a key role in the product validation process and contribute to maintaining quality standards at suppliers and in the production sites


Administration department

„At Wever & Ducré, you can continue to grow at your own pace, with challenges that keep me motivated in my job.“

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I started at Wever & Ducré in 2022 and have been part of the accounting team since then. I am responsible for financial reporting within our international company, which means I work a lot with my colleagues abroad. This makes the job very interesting for me! At the beginning of my career at Wever & Ducré, I mainly handled routine daily tasks, but I quickly became more involved in the bigger picture, gaining more responsibilities and making my job even more engaging.


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